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Wilderness Fit

'Wilderness Fit' are fitness and wellness retreats that harness the wildness of the Scottish landscape and promotes a deeper connection with ourselves and our environment. I loved the opportunity to document Wilderness Fit's retreat held under the incredible mountains of Torridon. I created a video of the retreat alongside images used for promotion. 

More info:

'Liv is the absolute dream to work with. She is passionate about the outdoors and therefore manages to craftily work with the ever changing light and moody scenes in Scotland so well, she also totally understands how to make the most of bad weather. On my Torridon weekend it was extremely wet and dark, however liv seized the small windows of brightness and used the darkness to her advantage in order to capture something pretty special. Not only is she talented but also just an extremely easy and positive person to be around. Liv can slot into anything you throw her into!'

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