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The Free-Movement

An event I worked in the October of 2022. This project was close to my heart as it was based around sustainable transport methods and encouraging people to travel via public transport, foot or bike. I cycled to and from the event where I captured the various activities, as well as the incredible food, community and atmosphere all put on by Ghillie Basan and her family.

woman holding a bike in a forest
group of people cycling up hill in rural scottish area
people fixing a bike tyre on side of the road
people doing yoga outside at sunset
bottles with fairylights in and whiskey bottles on a table
profile of womans face by a fire
close up view of a mushroom and someone kneeling in the backgroud
starting a fire by lighting a match in their hands
a person pushing someone in a wheelbarrow, both laughing
people laughing around a pot of chai heating over a fire
man taking sausages off a bbq outdoors
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